The Galaxy Garden

The Galaxy Garden is a 100-foot diameter outdoor scale model of the Milky Way, mapped in living plants and flowers and based on current astrophysical data.

Artist Jon Lomberg conceived and designed the garden to encourage scientific education about our place in the Universe.

The Galaxy Garden is located at the Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary in Kona, Hawaii. Paleaku is a non-profit 9-acre botanical garden that facilitates educational and cultural programs.

Major funding for the Galaxy Garden is provided by the Change Happens Foundation.

Seed money for the project was given by the New Moon Foundation.


El cielo en la Tierra

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el Jardín de la Galaxia, Pamplona

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Planet Earth Sprouts Galaxy Gardens

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Photos/Videos of the Galaxy Garden
NEW photo album of Galaxy Garden
NEW videos of Galaxy Garden
Photos on from a Galaxy Garden visitor
An album of photos of the Garden

An Expanding Universe of Galaxy Gardens video of a Galaxy Garden at the San Diego Air & Space Museum
Another Galaxy Garden grows in Delaware - read about it here and here

Hear Jon Lomberg
YouTube video of Jon Lomberg's talk at the Starship Century conference at UC San Diego on June 18, 2013.

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Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary
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